The Amino A’s – Gaining a Competitive Advantage

The Amino A’s are Amino’s core beliefs in how it interacts with customers and partners. They reflect Amino’s commitment to providing advice and taking action, while remaining agnostic, in giving them a competitive advantage. This is the fourth and final discussion in our series about how we help customers compete in the TV Everywhere landscape.


Gaining a competitive advantage is a critical aim for any operator in today’s complex market, where operators battle not just direct rivals but makers of retail streaming players and over-the-top (OTT) video services riding on the cord-cutting trend. The need to stay current and relevant in this competitive landscape is why smart operators partner with Amino.

The Amino Advantage enables our customers to more than level the playing field – empowering them to offer their subscribers the apps they want, the multiscreen capability they expect, the advanced UX they demand, and the overall excellent customer experience that builds loyalty, stems churn, wins new subscribers and boosts average revenue per user (ARPU). Leveraging the Amino Advantage sees smart operators use and analyse customer data to get a clearer picture of subscribers’ habits and behaviour – a critical path to better monetizing services, testing market strategies and streamlining offerings.

Our Amino OS Service Assurance solution is just one element of how Amino is giving its customers a competitive advantage. AminoOS Engage is our open-standards cloud-based software platform to simplify deployment and management of set-top boxes. The platform is designed to improve operations by:

  • providing operators with the ability to remotely update software and firmware,
  • enabling call center teams to remotely ‘see what the customer sees’ when resolving customer issues
  • capturing relevant data about subscriber video consumption

AminOS Service Assurance is just one example of how Amino gives its customers a competitive edge by helping them focus on their subscribers and simplifying how they can continuously update features and interact with their subscribers.

For more info about AminoOS Engage, watch our Rapid Briefing!