Building Subscriber Loyalty Through Customer Experience

It is often said that “Content is King”, but without a meaningful, acceptable customer experience even the service provider with the most or best content, may be doomed to failure. The consumer is in charge and fulfilling their expectations for an engaging customer experience is the new challenge for Pay TV providers.

When it comes to customer service challenges, telecommunication and pay-TV service providers have tended to fare poorly, often due to a lack of customer helpdesk teams and slow reaction upon outages or device failure.

A recent Pay Wizard survey found that a third of US pay-TV subscribers had experienced an outage of four hours or more in the last year. One third had also experienced a price increase that they felt was too high for the level of service they had received. Issues with traditional pay-TV providers led one in five subscribers to cancel – twice the proportion that dropped SVOD services such as Netflix and Hulu.

In the past, when cable TV service providers held an almost monopolistic position in a town or city, bad customer service was annoying but often tolerated as alternatives were hard to come by. With most areas now serviced by multiple broadband providers, consumers now have the alternative to watch TV via OTT services delivering content over the Internet.

Although price is still critical, many consumer surveys highlight the importance of customer experience as a way of retaining subscribers and growing revenue through value added services. In general, customer experience has a huge impact on consumer behavior: The American Express Customer Service Barometer showed that a third of Americans said they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.

Some of the key factors for determining a great customer experience include:

  • Intuitive and unified user interface to access live, pre-recorded and on-demand content from any device;
  • Ease of managing subscription packages, pay-per-view events, recordings, users or parental controls;
  • Simplified installation of new set-top boxes or authorization of TV everywhere devices
  • A high degree of reliability and service availability across TV, telephone and internet connectivity.

Fulfilling subscriber expectations for a valuable customer experience, requires video service provides to implement technology platforms that simplify the creation and management of video delivery platforms.

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