Removing the barriers to launching Netflix on Android TV

It was incredibly exciting to be unveiled by Netflix as a Hailstorm Partner in front of hundreds of operators during the APAC Android TV Summit Bangkok (12 – 14 November 2019). Hailstorm is the Netflix initiative designed to reduce the effort of integration and time-to-market for partners looking to launch Netflix services as part of their consumer offering.

This announcement follows on from our established and close working relationship with Netflix through which we have built a unique set of skills and experience in developing, certifying and deploying Netflix to customers. At the Bangkok event, Alan Wong, Netflix Hailstorm Director of Device Scaling described how after just a couple of hours interaction between the Amino and Netflix engineering teams, we were able to integrate Netflix, AminoOS and the operator’s CAS to provide a next generation hybrid broadcast and OTT solution. This enables Netflix to solve what Alan calls the CTO challenge: i.e. reducing the time for an operator to integrate Netflix with their service from as long as 12 months to a few weeks by using Amino’s solution.

Being asked to join Hailstorm further enhances our ability to merge traditional TV with OTT to deliver smart, modern TV experiences. Combined with our 24i business unit’s ability to deliver any content to any device, we have all the apps, devices, services and software technologies to enable operators to successfully manage and expand connected TV audiences.

By joining Hailstorm, we’re enabling operators to gain a strategic advantage by making it far easier and quicker to provide a high-quality integrated Netflix experience at scale. If you’d like to know more about Android TV or the Netflix Hailstorm programme and our involvement in it, please get in touch.