Streamline Customer Support! The Power of AminoSM

Video services are equal parts compelling and frustrating. When we talk to our customers, we hear, loud and clear, their concerns about deploying, managing and supporting set-top boxes. However, we also feel that the STB is a powerful representation of the operator’s brand in the consumer home. It is the final link of the service management chain. The value of pay TV lies in the managed network delivery of high-quality video with high quality service. That requires the ability to identify any weak link in the delivery of that service.

We know what happens when that video service is disrupted. Your customer service team is faced with a myriad of questions from subscribers unhappy about their video service. Amino have developed AminoSM Engage to help pay-TV providers simplify device management and streamline customer support.

Here at Amino, we recently experienced the benefits of Engage ourselves! Like you, we often pursue beta tests of new devices. In this case, we wanted to validate the guidance provided in our Amigo 7X self-install guide. One of our internal testers easily connected the STB to the power supply and the relevant HDMI port on their TV. They followed the on-screen directions to pair their remote control to the STB and waited for guidance to the next step but was unable to obtain on-screen confirmation that the pairing was successful.

After multiple attempts to fix the issue on their own, the tester indicated that if they had been a live subscriber to a pay TV service, they would have submitted a customer service call that likely would have prompted a truck roll. However, our internal Engage guru got on the case. Logging into Engage and connecting to the device via the Service and Support module, from there, the guru was able to confirm that the remote control was indeed paired with the STB and instead of the reported issue he quickly confirmed the real root cause and resolved the problem remotely – in less than 2 minutes!

Many of our customers have integrated Engage into their customer service workflows resulting in real OPEX savings, better NPS scores and happier customers and customer service teams. It was great to experience the benefits our customers have been telling us about first hand. Does this resonate with you? This is the power of AminoSM Engage – streamlining resolution of customer support concerns.