Right now TV is a real lifeline

TV has never felt more important. It informs us about the COVID-19 crisis and can take our mind off it too. Right now, TV is a real lifeline, particularly for the most vulnerable in society.

There are a number of new initiatives that Amino is carrying out to help our customers and their consumers. Today I’d like to talk about how improved device support and management is critical when the COVID-19 virus has made it difficult or impossible for many operators to send an engineer to a subscribers’ home.

Of course, we talk to our customers all the time and we listen very carefully to any issues they have with deploying, managing and supporting set-top boxes and following these conversations developed AminoSM Engage to provide pay-TV operators with powerful remote device management and customer support. This solution streamlines device management with the ability to remotely update software & firmware and enables call centre teams to ‘see what the customer sees’ a key enabler of remote problem solving.

The power of Engage was highlighted for us just a few days ago, while carrying out beta tests of new devices. The test involved checking the instructions provided in our Amigo 7X self-install guide. Our internal testers had easily connected the STB to the power supply and the relevant HDMI port on their TV. They followed the on-screen directions to pair their remote control to the STB but didn’t receive on-screen confirmation that the pairing was successful.

After multiple attempts to fix the issue, the tester realised that if they had been a live subscriber to a pay TV service, they would have submitted a customer service call that would have been likely to prompt a truck roll. That wasn’t an option, so instead, our internal Engage guru got on the case. Logging into Engage and connecting to the device via the Service and Support module, the guru was able to confirm that the remote control was paired with the STB and quickly confirmed the real root cause and resolved this remotely – all in less than 2 minutes!

Many of our customers have already told us about the advantages of integrating Engage into their customer service workflows; including real OPEX savings, better NPS scores and happier customers and customer service teams. But it was still an eye-opener to understand at first-hand the power of AminoSM Engage.

Following this experience, we have decided to extend access to this tool free of charge to all our customers throughout this difficult period, so that they can keep informing and entertaining viewers. We will continue to look for ways to help customers and I will share details with you during the current crisis. If anyone can think of new ways we can help, please get in touch.

Donald McGarva
Group Chief Executive Officer