To Fulfill Consumer Expectations, Convergence Will be the Future of TV

Amino recently completed its first Voice of the Consumer survey, seeking insight about consumer opinion regarding pay TV and streaming video. The results from this survey will be shared shortly, but first we will share some key findings as related to our Voice of the Customer survey which was completed earlier this year.

Amino’s customers are pay-TV operators. Both consumers and operators are uniquely focused on content; and operators and consumers agree that integrating linear channels and streaming apps is beneficial. Operators confirmed in our Voice of the Customer Survey that OTT . However, operator and consumer perspectives are distinctly different when it comes to content.

Consumers are focused on the content itself and how easy it is to access and use the content they want. More is not necessarily better. Consumers want the flexibility provided in managing subscriptions. Binging is great, but when the binge is over they want the flexibility to pause their subscription. U.S. operators are currently unable to provide this capability due to commitments in their various content licensing agreements.

However, operators have invested in and provide consumers with the capabilities they expect and would like to see in their OTT services. Based on our survey results, quality of service is a primary differentiator. Pay TV providers have spent years investing in their networks and the set-top box represents the final component of a video delivery supply chain. They monitor all elements of the supply chain, in real-time, to ensure high quality video delivery. Streaming services do not own the networks which deliver their video content. As a result, they have limited ability to video quality. Consumers increasingly expect the same level of video quality from their OTT services as they have received from their pay TV provider.

What does a converged linear / streaming service look like? Based on feedback in our Voice of the Consumer survey it includes:

  • Linear channels and streaming apps
  • Subscriber ability to curate content bundles (related to genres or specific channels and apps)
  • Subscription flexibility
  • Personalization in the form of services remembering:
    • Subscriber login details
    • Paused videos
    • Favorite content or channels
  • Improved content discovery and UI navigation
    • More and better metadata
    • More contextual data
  • A remote control experience similar to pay TV (channel up/channel down)
  • A seamless consumption experience with the ability to pause and resume viewing across all devices

Our operator customers have always put the needs of their subscribers first. This is supported by their priorities as stated in our Voice of the Customer survey. Our Voice of the Consumer survey findings provide insight that reinforces existing plans or provides guidance to operators focused on delivering video services that fulfill consumer expectations. Our goal at Amino is to deliver solutions that provide the increased operational agility needed by operators to fulfill consumer expectations today and tomorrow.


Madelon Olsthoorn
VP Strategic Partnerships

Peggy Dau
Marketing Consultant