Amino Graduate Programme: Investing in Future Talent to Drive Innovation

With many companies challenged by ensuring business continuity and overcoming the difficulties of COVID-19, the graduate market is now more fragile than ever – and future generations of talent are at risk of missing career-defining opportunities.

A recent survey from Prospects, the UK graduate jobs website, discovered 28% of 2020 graduates have had job offers withdrawn or delayed. Across the pond, the US National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 21% of employers have cancelled internship offers this year, with 20% considering withdrawing graduate programme offers. Additionally, I’m hearing through my business network that a number of companies that are putting their graduate recruitment on hold.

The media and entertainment industry stands alone in many instances, having in fact undergone an exciting period of growth and change this year. In my recent blog post, I explored how COVID-19 has shaken up business models, technology adoption and ways of interacting within the world of broadcast, with streaming demand and audience engagement soaring over the past few months. This has been helped by the timely rollout of new SVOD services and the popularity of OTT streaming, as consumers turn to media as a key source of news and entertainment.

24i and Amino operate in this exciting, high-growth market, driving significant changes and transformations for media companies and video consumers. This disruption creates fantastic opportunities for us, as the worlds of traditional pay TV and OTT streaming continue to converge. To help us achieve our company goal of offering agile, effective and industry-leading video entertainment experiences, we need the best talent in order to succeed. One of the pre-eminent ways of achieving this is by investing in young talent and empowering fresh thinkers with a kick start to their careers – an action that creates new opportunities both for Amino and our customers, while also helping shape the future of the industry.

To achieve this, Amino Technologies recently launched its inaugural #futureisbright Graduate Programme, offering students and recent graduates the chance to apply for positions with 24i and Amino across a range of disciplines – from engineering and analytics, to finance, marketing and HR. At a time when many companies are restricting or even delaying the recruitment process, at Amino we see graduate recruitment as a critical driver in helping us achieve software-led growth and create a disruptive platform that supports the needs of broadcasters, operators and service providers today and in the future.

I personally started my career in a very similar programme over 30 years ago, which in turn led to significant opportunities where I was able to live and work all over the world, meeting inspiring people and contributing towards exciting projects. I am now hugely excited to be offering a similar programme at Amino, and in doing so, I hope we can continue to build on our success with next generation of talent!

Learn more about the Amino Technologies PLC Graduate Programme here.


Donald McGarva
Group CEO, Amino