Powering Linux and Android devices to deliver live, linear and OTT streaming content

AminoOS is our award-winning software solution powering reliable connected devices

AminoOS is built on over 20 years of focused IP entertainment delivery excellence. With proven performance in over 10 million devices – and an unrivaled reputation for reliability – AminoOS supports both Linux and Android with integrations to a broad and deep industry ecosystem.

Multi-award winning software enabling the launch of modern consumer-centric user experiences and video services

Amino OS – designed to enable common, rich user experiences across your subscriber bae

  • Robust and mature set-top box software stacks for Linux and Android devices
  • STB abstraction layer linking devices into a full ecosystem of technologies (browsers, media players, streaming protocols)
  • Mature APIs accelerating time to market with industry partners (middleware, CAS/DRM) while lowering risk
  • Industry leading user self-install wizard delivering excellent NPS scores

Widely deployed Linux devices known for reliability

Amino Enable is our Linux solution that has been deployed on millions of set-top boxes worldwide. The industry hardened virtual software stack is designed to improve agility.

Optimized to run on legacy platforms with limited resources or the latest high-performance multi-core platforms, Enable is a robust, optimized software stack providing the reliability demanded by customers and partners.

Key software features include:

  • UX toolkit and mature APIs simplifying integration with ecosystem technologies
  • Media player support for OTT adaptive bitrate and traditional managed multicast and unicast IPTV protocols
  • Multi-application framework to accelerate launch of 3rd party applications

Android TV opens the door to an ecosystem of TV, game and media apps

Amino Apollo is our Android TV solution delivering Amino’s well known reliability and enhancements to make it truly operator ready.

Fully compliant and certified Operator Tier AndroidTV software stack based on the Google reference design SDKs, the core software provides:

  • a modern user experience
  • voice control
  • Licensed GTV suite of applications including PlayStore, PlayMovie, PlayMusic and YouTube

Amino’s Operator Ready enhancements include:

  • Operator Setup Wizard to simplify consistent branding and overall device set-up
  • legacy CAS vendor support
  • Multicast ABR Support
  • DVB subtitling
  • Configurable Zero Screen, NTP servers, global stand by time, remote control key mapping, CEC settings and more

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