Multiscreen Video

Fulfill consumer expectations for multiscreen consumption

Our expertise in managing delivery of linear and streaming video  is unique. We help video providers give consumers the choice and convenience that defines a modern video experience.

Our cloud-based solution enables video delivery from any source to any device 

  • Modular and open – giving video service providers choice in selecting the technologies they require while simplifying end-to-end integration
  • Flexible – enabling modules to be deployed in the cloud or on -premise
  • Scalable – providing predictable performance even during sharp upticks in demand
  • Agile – enabling growth while aligning costs to resource utilization
  • Extensible – delivering a UI development framework and cross platform support
  • Reliable – providing confidence through monitoring of operational health

Discover the operational agility to deliver a seamless video experience

Our scalable platform design, open-source technology and APIs simplifying 3rd party integrations position you to unleash services that sustain and attract active users – and position your video service for the interactions of tomorrow.


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