Simplify deployment and management of your displays
with centralized visibility, management and control.​

What is Amino Orchestrate?

Orchestrate is a powerful cloud-hosted device management system comprising a suite of tools designed to simplify deployment and management of geographically dispersed or hard-to-reach signage and enterprise video devices.​​

Orchestrate allows users to manage firmware updates, configure devices for zero-touch installs, manage installed content management applications updates, and much more.  

Orchestrate lets you see and control remote device output and ensure device operation with diagnostic information and remote logging tools.​

Why Amino Orchestrate?

Zero-touch provisioning for seamless device rollout/ replacement and easy installation    

Accelerate time to resolution if problems are identified

Puts you in control of firmware and security updates with centralized device management​

Protect your brand reputation – easily deploy security patches to targeted devices

Remote control and monitoring enable pro-active, no-touch resolution of issues, cutting truck rolls, and on-site visits

Streamline testing and deployment to ensure a smooth rollout without disruption

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Amino Orchestrate Features

Orchestrate provides centralized device monitoring and management for any number of internet connected H200 media players.

Orchestrate provides two levels of feature sets depending upon the needs of the deployment.  Orchestrate Starter allows for managing firmware and applications and Premium adds benefit of monitoring, control and API access.

Orchestrate Starter

Centralized view and management
of all deployed devices

Streamlined device management
and software updates

Easily manage app updates

Simplify your deployment and
testing of new services in
a flexible controlled

Zero-touch provisioning

Flexibility to customize a vast number
of device parameters

Orchestrate Premium

Empowering users with tools to remotely control and monitor screens

See what’s on the screen remotely

View and remotely control the
on-screen menus

Monitor media player performance
diagnostic data

View data on the connected screen

Enable device logging and establish
command line terminal session for deeper
diagnosis and resolution
Access Orchestrate REST APIs enabling programmatic automation and integration

Be more sustainable with Amino Orchestrate

Reduce your carbon footprint and deliver enterprise video and digital signage services more sustainably with Amino Orchestrate.  ​

Proactively monitoring deployed media players with Orchestrate allows users to identify and resolve issues remotely. This minimizes the need for physical troubleshooting or on-site visits, reducing the transportation and associated carbon emissions. ​

By addressing problems remotely, you can also extend the lifespan of your devices by minimizing the need to swap out devices and, in doing so, reduce electronic waste.

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