We value partnerships that enable us to provide strategic value to our customers.

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These partnerships range from those providing complementary Pay TV technology such as middleware, CAS or DRM software to solutions  that have been carefully selected and verified to work with Amino Enterprise Video and Digital Signage solutions.​

​We also work closely with integrators facilitating deployment of end–to-end technologies and distributors who help us fulfill delivery of product to our end customers.

Our Pay TV Partners

Our Enterprise Video & Digital Signage Partners

Scalable cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to display content where it matters.

OptiSigns is a cloud-based, simple but powerful solution for Digital Signage.Create, design, and schedule your content and manage all your screens remotely from a central dashboard that you can easily access from our desktop or mobile App.

Xogo make it easy to deploy all types of digital content to your displays, from graphics to videos. XOGO offers a real-time screen takeover mode, and has an IOT trigger capability that allows for content to be triggered by sources like 3rd party apps, beacons, RFID tags or face recognition data.

Spectrio is the digital signage industry leader offering a best-in-class product suite that’s easy-to-use, reliable and scalable.

Omniscreen delivers rich media across converged networks including TV, radio, on-demand media and digital signage. Omniscreen Pilot, incorporates a scalable and reliable platform as well as a suite of applications designed to address a number of markets including Aged Care, Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and more.

Novisign digital signage is a cloud-based software platform that enables users to create, manage and broadcast rich, engaging digital content – as easy as drag and drop— at affordable prices. Our vision is to be the gold standard broadcast platform enabling SMBs’ to broadcast their message in their own businesses, creating an open-exchange and local business networks around the world.

Interested in becoming an Amino Partner?

Are you interested in becoming a Solutions Partner, Integrator or Distributor of Amino products? Our partners’ success is important to us, and we provide a variety of technical and business development assistance to help partners expand into new market segments, and secure business deals.

Benefits of becoming an Amino Partner include:

Remote Device Management solution
Technical support
Marketing support
Business development opportunities
Pre-install CMS solution on media players*
SDK for ease of intergration*

* Digital Signage Partners

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