iGameMedia was approached by DAZN to build a content delivery solution for their Commercial premises product that would allow DAZN to move away from the traditional distribution of content via satellite and streamline delivery purely over IP. The objective was to deliver a solution that was more cost-effective than satellite delivery but at the same time was more flexible and scalable.

For this project, the iGameMedia team needed a media player that fulfilled a challenging set of requirements. They were already familiar with Amino’s devices and the company’s reputation for producing some of the most robust devices in the industry and as a pioneer of IP delivered video.

The requirement was for a media player which could be deployed and managed across a global estate of Betting Shops. Low latency video was essential with the objective being to surpass the lowest latency achievable on legacy satellite delivery platforms. As this was high value sports content, it would also have to be delivered with the highest levels of content security.

The iGameMedia development team would develop the applications and User Interface components to run on these clients and so the media player had to include development tools that would most efficiently facilitate this.


Amino presented the recently launched H200 to iGameMedia. The H200 offered the same robustness and reliability for which Amino is renown but with several features to help iGameMedia reduce time to market.

The H200's modern browser and the inclusion of a zapper application with source code provided an accessible development environment, complete with examples of how to utilize Amino's JavaScript extensions and video player.

iGameMedia then needed to select the video transport protocols, security and codecs for the project. Following discussion with Amino, Low Latency DASH was selected for the initial trials together with Widevine Level 1 security. While this was initially successful, it was later found that there were issues with video quality when used in combination with other components of the solution. Amino’s expertise in video and the wide range of protocol support which had been implemented on the H200 allowed the team to quickly react, modifying the solution to instead use Low Latency HLS This yielded better results achieving the target latency with a stable solution.

Through the process of developing on the H200, iGameMedia recognized the benefits of the Amino management system. Software deployment, remote management of devices and data collection are all possible with the platform and allowed the players to be easily integrated into business systems with reports being generated to support back-office processes.

The Outcome

This solution has now been successfully deployed at Sportsbook clients in Germany & Austria, with advanced discussions under way to expand the solution across other territories.

A key factor in the success of the project was the flexibility of the product combined with the expertise of Amino’s engineering team which allowed decisions to be reviewed and adapted throughout the project as the team gained experience of the performance of various protocols in a real-world environment.

The robust H200 media player combined with a range of tools, APIs and sample code meant that the team could focus on implementing customer requirements and were able to quickly become familiar with the Amino components allowing them to focus on timely delivery of the project.


The collaboration between Amino and iGameMedia in delivering DAZN's vision represents a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of sports content distribution suitable for betting, showcasing the transformative power of IP technology for ultra-low latency video streaming.

This initiative not only underscores the remarkable progress in IP video delivery technology but also celebrates the synergy of partners who possess the expertise and flexibility to harness these advancements effectively. Through this partnership, a new benchmark has been set, demonstrating the potential to revolutionize sports betting experiences by providing real-time, high-quality video content to users worldwide.

This endeavour is a shining example of innovation, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, paving the way for future advancements in the sports betting industry.