OEC Fiber, with headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma, launched OTT TV services in 2020. A subsidiary of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, their mission is to improve their subscribers’ quality of life through the safe delivery of highly reliable, reasonably priced fiber services and exceptional customer service. OEC Fiber TV delivers a combination of local and national channels to a customer base that is both rural and urban.

The challenge:

Video delivery to the home is more important than ever with the rise of retail devices enabling consumers to consume video in the home and on the go. However, this presents a challenge to service providers who are often the recipient of support calls when live or on-demand video does not perform as expected. OEC’s goal was to eliminate consumer frustration, provide stellar customer support and streamline device management.

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With the help of Amino Engage, OEC has been able to reduce the time to resolve support calls by minutes. And when it comes to customer support, every minute counts.