PCCW traces its roots back to 1882, when the Hong Kong Telephone Company first provided telephone services in the then British Colony of Hong Kong. Now Hong Kong’s largest communications services provider and leader in communications throughout Asia, PCCW operates Hong Kong’s largest broadband and subscription television service.

The challenge:

CCW was the world’s first company to offer commercial IPTV services in 1997. PCCW developed its own user interface and back office systems to run its IPTV service, driven out of necessity and the desire to innovate. Throughout the years PCCW acquired multiple set-top box suppliers as the service expanded.

In 2015, the company made plans to launch 4K/Ultra HD services with a new manufacturer, Samsung. The relationship provided an exciting opportunity to partner with a leading consumer electronics brand, but represented a fourth hardware architecture and third manufacturer in its installed base of over one million devices.

Having selected best of breed with each generational advancement, PCCW found itself with a device management problem having several legacy suppliers and adding yet another into its network.

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Amino’s performant device software and its professional development team provide strong support to PCCW Media, creating a unique and powerful platform for today and future service innovations. For instance, on top of AminoOS, PCCW Media is integrating our next generation user interface (UX3) empowering customers to access rich content offerings with greater ease.

Belinda Chan
SVP of Technology & Operations at PCCW Media