Vodafone Iceland (VFI), owned by Syn hf and operating as a Vodafone franchise, delivers TV, broadband and telephony services to subscribers in Iceland, with 32.8% market share. Amino is a long-term supplier for VFI but in recent years Vodafone also purchased set-top boxes from Samsung. In 2019, Samsung announced that they would withdraw from the market, which left their customers with deployed devices and no support.

The challenge:

Video delivery to consumers over IP networks has advanced significantly since IPTV's early days. Pay TV operators need feature-rich CPE devices to stay competitive and support evolving protocols, codecs, software, and standards. Visibility of deployed devices, easy updates, consistent branding and performance are crucial for set-top-box investments. Minimizing environmental impact is also critical. Vodafone Iceland were seeking to avoid the typical solution of capping existing deployments, migrating to new hardware, and decommissioning unsupported devices, which would be costly and time-consuming and result in millions of usable devices ending up in landfills.

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Amino’s approach helped Vodafone Iceland consolidate, modernize and future-proof their deployed devices, with the added benefit of doing so in an environmentally sustainable manner.