March 6, 2024

Amino at ISE 2024: Success, Innovation, and Collaboration

ISE 2024 marked a significant milestone for both the digital signage industry and Amino Communications. Recognized as one of the most successful and well-attended events in the show's history, our experience resonates with this sentiment, thanks to the substantial volume of meaningful meetings, spontaneous engagements, and insightful discussions we had throughout the event.

A Direct Hit on Market Demands

Jonny McKee, VP of Product Management and Customer Support, reflected on the importance of meeting the industry's increasing demands with precision. "The H200 media players were a focal point for many of our discussions at ISE 2024. It was evident that the market is desperate for media players which deliver security, remote management and let’s not forget sustainability. It’s no longer just about the hardware, the entire lifecycle of the device is critical" McKee noted. This perspective underscores Amino's dedication to delivering quality products and focus on how we can help our customers to be successful.  

Expanding Digital Signage Applications

The event also highlighted the expanding versatility of digital signage applications. Rowan Brunger, Sales Director for Digital Signage in EMEA/APAC, shared his excitement about the growing scope of applications. "We're seeing digital signage break into new territories, from enhancing iGaming and Sports betting experiences with low latency video, to transforming healthcare settings with high-quality graphics and touchless operations," Brunger observed. Amino's 25 year history in IP video delivery combined with products adapted specifically for this market puts the company in a leadership position in this market.

Valuable Feedback and Future Directions

Feedback from ISE 2024 has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding Amino's comprehensive product offerings which this year was extended with the announcement of a WiFi6 media player, the H200W which was on display as well as demos of the Orchestrate management platform. "The response to Orchestrate, complementing the adaptable H200 series of media players, has been incredibly affirming. We believe a customer who buys a media player wants a robust device which can be managed, receives security patches and upgrade, includes support tools, and has APIs to allow it to be easily integrated within larger systems" McKee said, highlighting the industry's appreciation for Amino's high-quality video, security, and remote management capabilities. This feedback is pivotal in shaping Amino's future product development and market strategy.

Fostering Industry Collaboration

Both McKee and Brunger emphasized the shift toward more collaborative industry dynamics witnessed at the event. "The interest from CMS companies and other partners in integrating our solutions has been phenomenal. It's a clear indicator of the industry's move towards collaborative growth and innovation," Brunger commented. This collaborative spirit is not just a trend but a testament to the confidence in Amino's offerings and a shared vision for the future of digital signage.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

Reflecting on Amino's participation at ISE 2024, the event was more than a showcase—it was a catalyst for strategic insights, industry connections, and a reinforced commitment to leading in the digital signage space. "Our experiences at ISE 2024 have undoubtedly enriched our direction and focus. There is room for innovation in the market and a willingness for a collaborative industry approach. These qualities are aligned perfectly with the Amino DNA and it is innovation and collaboration that will ensure we deliver our vision of providing the most reliable, user friendly and compelling signage solution in the market. " McKee concluded.

With a successful ISE 2024 behind us, we're now setting our sights on the future with the upcoming launch of the H200W, the introduction of Orchestrate v1.0, and our participation at InfoComm in Las Vegas.

Watch this space for more great things to come from Amino in 2024!