June 20, 2024

InfoComm 2024: Amino's Collaborative Approach Drives Success in Digital Signage and Enterprise Video

Innovative Media Players & Remote Management Solutions Impress at InfoComm.

InfoComm 2024 proved to be a resounding success for Amino Communications, a pioneer in IP video delivery solutions for digital signage, enterprise TV, and IPTV. The event, recognized as one of the most well-attended in its history, provided a platform for Amino to showcase its cutting-edge products and collaborative approach, resonating with industry professionals seeking innovative solutions.


The H200W: Enhancing Wireless Capabilities for Digital Signage

Amino's H200W media player, featuring WiFi6 and Bluetooth, attracted significant attention from digital signage professionals at the event. Jonny McKee, VP of Product Management and Customer Support, highlighted the market's demand for secure, remotely manageable, and sustainable media players, stating, "The H200 media players were a focal point for many of our discussions at InfoComm 2024. It was evident that the market is desperate for media players which deliver security, remote management and sustainability."

While the H200W was well-received as a complementary addition to the H200 series, it is not intended to replace the existing lineup. The device's Bluetooth functionality opens up relevant use cases for digital signage deployments, such as presence detection and ease of deployment where running ethernet is just not viable, which Amino aims to highlight in its promotional efforts.


Orchestrate: Streamlining Remote Device Management

Amino's Orchestrate remote device management platform was a standout demonstration at InfoComm 2024, facilitating engaging conversations with attendees. McKee emphasized the platform's positive reception, stating, "The response to Orchestrate, complementing the adaptable H200 series of media players, has been incredibly affirming. Orchestrate's ability to remotely manage and monitor digital signage devices in real-time addresses a critical need for efficient operations and maintenance in the industry”.

Collaborative Approach Fosters Industry Connections

Amino's collaborative approach with clients and partners played a pivotal role in the overall success of InfoComm 2024. The company continues to expand its partnerships in the signage industry, with its comprehensive product offerings receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from industry professionals.

Addressing Industry Trends and Customer Preferences

InfoComm 2024 provided valuable insights into industry trends and customer preferences. Security emerged as a critical consideration for customers, with Amino's approach differentiating its offerings from competing Android devices. Remote device management also stood out as a key differentiator, although the industry has yet to fully recognize its importance.

Additionally, the event showcased a significant presence of LED vendors, potentially driving down prices and increasing the deployment of large-format LED screens. This trend could lead to an increased demand for high-resolution decoders and signage solutions, presenting opportunities for Amino's product lineup.


Partnerships and Collaborations Fuel Growth

While specific partnerships formed at InfoComm 2024 remain confidential, Amino had the opportunity to progress collaborations with notable content management system (CMS) providers such as Navori, Appspace, and Korbyt. Furthermore, the company was introduced to 22miles, a wayfinding and CMS solutions provider, which expressed enthusiasm for testing its applications on the H200 platform.

Looking Ahead: Enhancing User Experience and Exploring New Opportunities

Following its success at InfoComm 2024, Amino plans to continue expanding its partnerships and CMS certifications, with a particular focus on system integrators that combine signage and video applications. The company aims to enhance the user experience of Orchestrate, improving ease of use while maintaining its advanced functionality. Also, Amino will explore opportunities in analytics, low-latency video, and solutions for managing devices on private networks without cloud access.

Amino's participation at InfoComm 2024 reinforced its commitment to leading the digital signage and enterprise video spaces through innovation and collaboration. As McKee stated, "Our experiences at InfoComm 2024 have undoubtedly enriched our direction and focus. There is room for innovation in the market and a willingness for a collaborative industry approach."