November 23, 2022

Why are people adopting the Amino H200 4K Media Player (Part 2)

Previously we looked at some of the reasons Digital Signage and Enterprise Video providers gave when selecting the Amino H200 media player, with a focus on features within the media player itself. In this post (Part 2), we’ll look at why our customers are buying the AminoH200, but with a particular emphasis on why it’s not simply about the box when selecting the appropriate media player solution:

Want to remotely control, monitor and update media players?

When media players are dispersed across wide areas, they can become difficult to maintain and monitor. It is essential for providers of digital signage and enterprise TV to be able to control, monitor and update the media players remotely without the need to send a specialist to site or rely on a user to do so locally once installed. This is where the Amino Media Player Provisioning and Management tools come in. Amino’s Orchestrate Management SaaS (Software as a Service) platform provides centralized device management for connected H200 media players. With Orchestrate the user can easily view, activate and manage deployed devices accessible via Browser application or Remote REST APIs for device access over Local Area Networks.

LAN-deployed media players and no internet access?

Not a problem with Amino’s device management APIs. Where media players are deployed over a LAN, with no access to the internet, remote device management is still important. EELM (Enable Enterprise Local Management) is a suite of local REST APIs available on the Amino H200 that allow for programmatic device management from resident applications or other applications on the local network. Users can develop their own automation management applications that can control remotely deployed devices (i.e., change media stream, launch applications, retrieve device information etc.). For added security, the devices can be configured to use SSL Client Authentication so that only authorized users can remotely control the devices.

“I need to use web-based technology rather than a native application”

Integrators that require low-level control of the media player but prefer to use Web based technologies rather than a native application will benefit from Amino’s enhanced media player JavaScript Extensions. “EnableJS” is included within the embedded browser and facilitates fine-grained Media playback and Device Management above and beyond HTML5 support. Integrators can then manage application lifecycles via traditional web application technologies and frameworks instead of a native application.

Deter hackers – stay secure

As with any device connected to your network it is vital to consider security when deploying digital signage media players. Digital signage is a tempting target for hackers who want to disrupt or alter your displayed material or use the device as a gateway into your network. Off- the-shelf devices or no-brand media players may lack the required on-going support to stay ahead of hackers. Amino has a reputation and longevity in supporting and securing IP video delivery. We provide monthly security patches and updates for the H200 media player aligned with our carrier- grade consumer products. The H200 defaults are set with security in mind with the flexibility for our customers to modify the default security configuration as required for their specific application. There are also options for SSL certificates for Client-authentication of Video Player, Browser and Management APIs.

World-class support

It’s not just about the box. When selecting a media player solution, a digital signage or enterprise TV provider should also consider the longevity of supply and support that will be available. An off-the-shelf low-cost solution may provide short-term savings but presents a risk if the unit becomes end-of-life or unsupported after a couple of years. Amino has decades of experience in successfully deploying enterprise solutions, globally, in a wide range of environments. We work closely with systems integrators and technology partners to ensure the solutions that they develop have a dependable and robust platform to run on today and in the future. Different level support agreements are available to match your support priorities, and with our teams located on several continents, we can ensure availability in all time zones.

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