Operator Ready
Android TV

From operator tier to operator ready

Fulfill Consumer demand for choice and convenience!

Android TV delivers operators and their consumers more content through the Google Play Store. We provide even more content by working directly with leading content providers to certify their apps on our devices. Now consumers have access to both broadcast content and a multitude of apps via the TV!

What makes Android TV Operator Ready?

We simplify how Android TV integrates with your existing infrastructure by providing support for:

  • Integrated Legacy DRM clients
  • IGMP Multicast
  • RTSP, RTP. RTSP Interleave
  • MPEG2
  • Retransmission
  • DVB Subtitling and Teletext
  • QoS Tagging
  • PPPoE support
  • TR-069 support
  • ADB to Syslog Support

AminoSM Engage enhances
Operator Ready Android TV

Engage provides virtual support functions and centralized management of:

  • Custom boot screens and boot animation
  • Map remote control buttons to specific app features
  • Default settings
  • Deployment analytics and metrics

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Android TV enables operators to easily enhance their pay TV services

  • Attract subscribers with both linear channels and streaming apps!
  • Introduce a modern user interface!
  • Enable federated search and voice control!
  • Access the Google Play Store and its wide range of apps, streaming media, services and games.