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For over 25 years we’ve been making it easy to deliver next-gen TV and video services.

We provide the devices and software that Pay TV operators use to deliver seamless, integrated access to live, local or on-demand content, regardless of whether it is a live broadcast or streamed content.

We understand the challenges of Pay TV


QoS, and device management and monitoring with Amino Engage

Reduce churn


your content with Android or Linux. We have the best solution for you

Aggregate content


your total cost of ownership and maximize existing investment with AminoOS

Reduce TCO


your carbon footprint with Amino’s sustainable solutions

Be more sustainable

Reduce churn

Subscriber churn can indicate a decline in customer satisfaction and lead to loss of revenue. Churn can be stemmed by improving Quality of Service (QoS) through active device management and monitoring.

Amino Engage allows real-time management and monitoring of deployed devices, which can improve the QoS that operators offer to their customers.

Monitoring of uptime, usage and the ability to identify and troubleshoot issues – often before they are reported – to reduce downtime

Gather valuable insights and data on device usage and customer behaviour, to optimize and improve the customer experience

Aggregate content with our next-gen video services

TV today is about much more than watching linear channels. Viewers want content from multiple sources and platforms, and those sources usually include premium and niche streaming services.

Our Operator-ready Android TV and next-gen Linux platforms, powered by AminoOS, enable services for those transitioning from legacy systems or implementing new services.

Operator-Ready Android TV

The true value of Amino’s Operator Ready Android TV, powered by AminoOS, lies in the ability to simplify integration with an operator’s infrastructure and networks, ensuring easy overall management of the Android TV devices. Consumers can access both linear TV and streamed video with one branded user interface. Through our partners and our sister company 24i, Amino provides certified launchers to reflect an operator’s brand. Custom launchers require Google certification which Amino manages.

Next-gen Linux

Our next-generation Linux solution provides a carrier-grade software stack optimized for deploying apps and managing core technical functions of set-top boxes. It provides standard APIs that make it easy for operators to integrate new user interfaces, premium apps and app stores using the Lighting development framework. Using AminoOS and the RDK stack we make it easy for Pay TV operators to prioritize content delivery via proprietary apps.

Reduce your total cost of ownership
and maximize existing investments

AminoOS allows operators to launch modern, consumer-centric user experiences and video services, while maximizing the value of existing capital and infrastructure investment.​

So, rather than continuously replacing legacy set-top boxes, we can extend the life of deployed assets. By focusing on updating the software that powers the device - rather than the device itself - we can sustainably and cost-effectively improve an operator's ROI.

Cost-reduction is a major challenge in Pay TV. Decades of device software expertise has enabled Amino to develop a way to enhance existing services to deliver more content without more cost.​

The set-top box (STB) is the in-home physical representation of the Pay TV provider’s brand, and finding cost-effective methods of updating its capabilities has become a priority.​

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Be more sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint with Amino’s environmentally responsible solutions.

We are committed to delivering environmentally sustainable products.

Our software products extend the life and improve remote management of deployed devices. Amino focuses on ensuring supply chain sustainability and product quality through traceability, visibility and the usage of recycled materials in our products and packaging.

Our upcycling capabilities help service providers extend the life of existing devices by updating the device platform software. In managing and extending the device lifecycle, Amino helps keep your devices in use rather than in landfill.

Proven performance
and unmatched reliability

AminoOS – optimize, expand, unify

AminoOS gives Pay TV operators flexibility and agility in defining their video services. It empowers operators to launch modern, consumer-centric user experiences and video services, while maximizing the value of existing capital and infrastructure investment.

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Service Management simplified

Customer loyalty is critical in competitive markets. Amino Engage is our cloud-based platform focused on improving an operator’s operational efficiency and QoS. It provides a suite of tools for operators to easily view, activate and manage deployed devices.

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Customer Support - it’s all about you

Efficient customer support is crucial when offering high-value video services.
Amino products are known for their unmatched reliability, like our customer support program. You can tap into our knowledge, expertise and maintenance updates to optimize product performance, 24/7 on multiple platforms. Wherever you are, we can help you to resolve any issues promptly.

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