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AminoSM Engage - Service Management Simpllified

Amino SM Engage gives pay TV operators a cloud-based platform to manage deployed devices. With 3 modules: Device Management, Service & Support and Analytics & Quality, it’s not easier to view devices, update software, firmware and APKs, resolve customer support issues and proactively identify issues before they impact the subscriber.

Leadership in Times of Crisis - Why COVID19 is so challenging to businesses

A discussion with Jennifer Sims, CEO of Power & Tel, and Erika Schraner, non-executive board member Amino Technologies plc about why COVID19 is different; how leaders can rise to the occasion and the business acumen needed to move forward.

Operation Upcycle - solving the pay-TV operators’ dilemma

If you’re a pay-TV operator facing rising content costs, competing capex budget requests, fragmenting market segments and declining margins, then this webinar from May 2020 is for you. We will show you how you could combat churn and grow subscriber numbers – boosting viewer retention and acquisition.

International Womens Day - The Future of TV

Amino’s chair joined our recent International Women’s Day webinar. Her comments about gender diversity are insightful and helpful to women at every stage of their career.

The Year in Review - 2019 a year focused on flexibility and agility!

It was a busy year focused on giving our customers the capabilities they need to face the rapidly changing payTV market.

Amino OS Engage - a cloud-based suite of service assurance tools

Operators are persistently seeking reduced OPEX. Amino OS Engage gives operators a centralized view and capability to streamline device management, improve customer support and gain new insight into subscriber consumption trends - helping operators increase the ROI of their set-top box.



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