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Powering IPTV, Next-gen Linux and Android TV devices​

Why is AminoOS unique?

With decades of experience and over 10 million deployed devices, AminoOS  provides Pay TV providers with the operational agility they need to enhance their existing video services.​

Our solutions are a foundation operators use to aggregate streaming content, enabling integrations with a wide range of ecosystem partners. Our platform can also power both Amino and third-party devices, making it a versatile and powerful tool for operators seeking to improve their service offerings.​

Why AminoOS?

AminoOS gives Pay TV operators flexibility and agility in defining their video services. It supports the launch of modern, consumer-centric user experiences and video services, while maximizing the value of existing capital and infrastructure investment.​


performance is creating
industry leading reliability


the capabilities of managed
streaming devices​


delivery of linear and
streaming content​

Device Software Platform

AminoOS is a robust and mature platform designed to optimize hardware performance and improve agility in Android, and Next-gen Linux devices for video delivery. It incorporates our deep knowledge of video delivery to ensure that operators can meet subscriber demands for content and performance features. ​

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