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Decades of successful Enterprise Video and Digital Signage deployment

We provide reliable media players and software tools for the delivery of high quality audio, video, and graphics in commercial settings. We collaborate with system integrators and technology partners to offer solutions that are both easy to deploy and use.

Enterprise Video & Digital Signage use cases

Whether you're looking to display real-time information in a transportation hub, advertise products in a retail setting, or communicate with employees in a corporate environment, our robust and reliable 4K media players and software solutions are up to the task.


Real-time information is crucial in betting shops, where customers rely on accurate and up-to-date data to make decisions.

The Amino H200 is a low latency media player that can display live odds, action as it happens, and other relevant information. The H200 enables real-time delivery of IP video and fast display of live odds, providing an engaging way to present information. This media player can be a competitive advantage for betting shops to improve the customer's experience, increasing their satisfaction and potentially increasing repeat business.

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Deliver uniform corporate communications throughout your enterprise with a reliable, discreet and robust networked solution. ​Amino facilitates in-house video delivery and consumption for screens in common areas, lobbies and meeting rooms.​

The compact Amino H200 media player can be  easily mounted behind screens and then remotely managed and monitored via Amino Orchestrate to ensure your corporate message is reaching your audiences.

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Amino offers secure and reliable solutions for government and military organizations to disseminate critical information to personnel.

With an impressive track record of performance, Amino's devices are not only robust and reliable, but have also been utilized in sensitive environments, such as the "room where it happens" for real-time viewing of aerial reconnaissance and security operations.

With the Amino H200 media player, government and military organizations can be assured that their communication systems are secure, reliable, and capable of handling even the most sensitive operations.

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Creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients and staff can help to improve their healthcare experience. Whether it be a small practice waiting room, staff canteen or hospital patient ward,  the ability to share engaging content alongside relevant health information can keep viewers entertained while also providing important health and safety information. ​

The compact Amino H200 media player can be  easily and discretely mounted behind screens with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of deployment. Live channels for patient entertainment can be displayed in the same solution as a digital signage CMS. Amino Orchestrate allows the central video services team, rather than medical staff, to remotely view, identify and manage issues with any device – all without putting patients at risk.

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The Amino H200 media player is an ideal solution for hotels seeking to offer their guests a reliable, high-quality in-room entertainment experience. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), it can be effortlessly installed behind any TV screen.

Guests can easily navigate available content with the remote control provided, while hotel staff can remotely manage, monitor, and support the device using the Amino Orchestrate platform, ensuring seamless performance.

Overall, the Amino H200 media player is a popular choice for hotels worldwide, thanks to its user-friendliness, reliability, and remote management capabilities, delivering an excellent user experience to guests.

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The Amino H200 media player is the perfect choice for venues that demand low latency, high-quality video and graphics in real-time. It is ideal for displaying live stats, replays, and highlights, with ultra-fast response time ensuring fans never miss a moment of the action.

Designed with Power over Ethernet (PoE), it can be effortlessly installed behind any screen. The H200 is also robust and stable, able to handle high-bandwidth video streams, distributing content to screens throughout the stadium with ease.

Plus, with Amino Orchestrate, the H200 can be remotely managed and monitored, providing greater flexibility and control over the distribution of content.

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The Amino H200 media player is a versatile solution for transportation, with benefits for airports, cruise ships, and other hubs.

For airports, the H200 is used to display wayfinding, entertainment, and information boards, providing travellers with essential information and entertainment. Its compact design and Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows for out of sight installation. For cruise ships, the H200 enables enterprise TV with easy distribution of high-quality video and graphics. Guests can easily navigate available content with the remote control provided.

Overall, the H200 offers a reliable, high-quality solution with remote management and monitoring capabilities via Amino Orchestrate.

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The Amino H200 media player is an excellent choice for retailers looking to enhance the in-store experience for their customers. Its compact and easy-to-install design provides a Power over Ethernet (PoE) and out-of-sight solution for high-quality video and graphics delivery.

With Amino Orchestrate, the media players can be remotely managed and monitored, providing retailers with greater flexibility and control over their content distribution network. This helps to reduce any potential screen downtime and protects retailers' messaging and brand. Additionally, the H200's low power consumption and cost-effective design make it affordable for retailers of all sizes.

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Proven performance and
unmatched reliability

Built upon a reliable foundation and decades of experience, our 4K media players provides:


Robust reliability






Streamlined installation

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Centralized visibility and management of
deployed devices – anywhere​

"Orchestrate," our cloud-based management platform, promotes a hands-off approach to managing deployed media players by allowing you to achieve goals remotely.

With this SaaS platform, you have centralized control over your deployed devices, giving you the power to easily set configurations, update firmware, software, or apps from a distance.​

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Amino SDK - Easily integrate custom applications

Bespoke applications are inherent to Digital Signage and Enterprise video services. They provide the unique interface, management, and functionality needed for the diverse range of digital signage and enterprise video ecosystems.

Amino’s SDK gives technology providers the ability to create JavaScript, native or hybrid applications by developing against the Browser or AOSP APIs (or both). Our SDK helps accelerate development. The SDK license & support agreement provides tools and expertise to help with custom software development, integration and ongoing developer support.

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Customer Support - It’s all about you

Efficient customer support is crucial when offering high-value video services.
Amino products are known for their unmatched reliability, like our customer support program. You can tap into our knowledge, expertise and maintenance updates to optimize product performance, 24/7 on multiple platforms. Wherever you are, we can help you to resolve any issues promptly.

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