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Our support agreements give you access to a global team of highly-skilled support engineers and our customer success team can show you how to exceed your subscribers' expectations

Digital Signage Support

Support and resources required to install and maintain you signage solutions.

Operator Support

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Our multi-layered approach to support​

Amino has been providing exceptional value for decades. The quality of our devices and software is well-known, but our customers also love our support team's deep knowledge of evolving technologies and how they impact video delivery services.

While the post-sales relationship starts with a customer support agreement, the real value is being able to access Amino’s expert support, whenever and however you need it.

Building trusted relationships

Amino's global support team is closely aligned with the product engineering team and staff are located in every region with a "follow the sun" approach to availability.

A Range of Support Services

Amino offers tiered support services which align with business needs. Amino also offers customized software support and engineering services. Typically this is used to support one-off activities or to deliver specialist software customization on a device.

Easy Access to Knowledge

Amino provides easily-accessible product knowledge through a dynamically updated online support portal. Find articles written by subject matter experts, product documentation, FAQs, sample applications, APIs and benefit from our live online chat tool.

Beyond the Box Expertise

The true value of Amino's set-top boxes is in the services they enable, it's not just about the hardware. With expertise in all the essential technologies from DRM platforms to streaming protocols. Our support engineers help customers modify and optimize services while ensuring controlled adoption of the latest technologies.

Facilitating Updated UX

Pay TV video services rely on middleware technology: we support stakeholders migrating from one middleware solution to another. We provide and support SDKs for deployed devices; we implement a safe, secure bootloader update process and work with customers and partners to test and roll out solutions to customers.

Extending Device Lifecycles

Amino can replace the OS of existing competitive devices with AminoOS. We consistently and successfully deliver complex solutions where others fail. Amino brings device longevity which significantly reduces customer costs and our upcycling programme is great for the environment.

Simplified service management

Staying ahead of potential issues is a key element of our customer success offering. Our support team uses Amino Engage & Orchestrate to gain insights into all customer deployments and can monitor and report everything from device health to the video QoS being delivered.

Committed to
Customer Success

Support isn't just about a “break-fix” engagement. Amino support engineers act as advocates for customers. They liaise across Amino's departments to ensure customer satisfaction as well as managing third party projects and integrations where they form an integral part of a customer project.

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Happy customers are loyal customers. Amino Customer Support provides value that is so much more than the sum of its parts. It is fully focused on, and motivated by, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Enterprise Video & Digital Signage Support Tiers

At Amino, we're deeply invested in your success. Our three-tiered support is designed to elevate your experience with Amino Enterprise Video and Digital Signage solutions.


Access knowledgebase, feature releases, security updates, HTML / Javascript SDK, local APIs (EELM), and troubleshooting form


Enhanced tier also provides access to support ticket system, committed response times, and online chat messaging with our experts


Enhanced Silver tier
with 24x7 hotline
phone support and a designated account manager

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Pay TV Operator Support Tiers

With three tiers of support, Amino's engineers are located around the world, so there's always an expert to help you in your time zone.


Access to the troubleshooting
ticket system with
8x5 business hours
access to support


Enhanced Bronze tier with defined SLA commitments and access to 8x5 business hours hotline phone support and customer success training


Enhanced Silver tier
with 24x7 hotline
phone support and a designated account manager

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